Personal data processing and client privacy protection policy of OPTUS Reality

Real Estate Agency OPTUS Reality represented by Ms. Andrea Kublová, with registered office at Za Mlýnem 1596/3, Prague 4 – Braník, postal code 147 00, commercial ID 61043605 (hereinafter called „the Agency“) is processing and protecting personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the general regulation on personal data processing, and other valid legal regulations.

Personal data will be understood to mean all information that identifies our customers and parties interested in our services (hereinafter called „the Client“).

Processing of personal data will be understood to mean any operation or set of operations with personal data or sets of your personal data, such as collecting, recording, arranging, structuring, storing, adapting or changing, searching, examining, using, disclosing through transfer, disseminating or any other disclosing, sorting or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction.

When processing Client’s personal data we pay attention, in all circumstances, to the following basic rules:

  • We process the personal data correctly and in the statutory and a transparent manner.
  • We collect the personal data solely for certain, expressly stated and legitimate purposes and we do not further process the personal data in a manner that is incompatible with these purposes.
  • We process personal data only to a reasonable, relevant and restricted extent, in relation to the purpose for which we process the personal data.
  • We ensure that the personal data we process is accurate and, if necessary, up to date. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that personal data that is inaccurate is – with regard to the purposes for which we process it – promptly deleted or rectified.
  • We store the personal data in a form enabling your identification for a period no longer than necessary for the purposes for which we process the personal data.
  • We ensure the protection of the personal data that we process.
  • We process the personal data in a manner that ensures its proper security, including protection with the help of technical and organisational measures from unauthorised or unlawful processing and from random loss, destruction or damage.
  • We store all your personal data in the Czech Republic and do not transmit it to countries outside the European Union.

The sources of personal data for us are as follows:

  • Contractual relations with the Client;
  • Communications by the Client addressed to our Agency (through online forms, real estate portals or social networks, by telephone, etc.);
  • Through referrals from our Clients (usually this concerns cases where the Client is interested in renting or purchasing a property and directly contact one of our Client, who refers you to one of our brokers);
  • During selected opportunities from publicly available sources (e.g. the land registry).

Our Agency can collect or acquire personal data through our website, forms, applications, electronic or telephone contact, personal meeting or we obtain them from other persons, e.g. from associated real estate agencies.

We process personal data basically only for two purposes:

For the administration of contracts and contractual relationships – we process personal data that are contained in the contracts concluded with us or brokered by our agency, or personal data that results from the course of performance of such contracts. This concerns, in particular (but not solely), contact and identification data, data about the subject of the contract and data about the course of a contractual relationship including business communications. We can process personal data also before the conclusion of a contract, so that the contract is concluded in the proper manner.

How long do we process personal data for? We process (store) personal data for a period for which it could, in legal terms, be important for the realisation of a contractual relationship, i.e. until the expiry of the applicable time-bar, for preclusive, complaint, storage and other similar periods stipulated by legal regulations or agreements of the contracting parties, until the expiry of the last of these periods; in a specific case the period depends on an assessment of the relevant contractual relationship; usually, however, no more than 10 years from the realisation (end) of a contractual relationship. In the case of contractual relationships that are being prepared, but have not been realised, data are processed until the expiry of the relevant time-bar periods related to pre-contractual liability.

For marketing and sales purposes

We process personal data for marketing and sales purposes, so that we can inform our customers what we offer and in news through electronic newsletters if there is a reasonable expectation that the Client is interested in what we offer; this can be expected, in particular, if the Client has had business contacts with us (in the sense of realisation of a certain order or dealings) or the Client consent to the use of his/her e-mail address for this purpose or an interest expressed in such order.

The legal grounds for processing the personal data are our legitimate interest in the use of the data for marketing and sales purposes in the interests of maintaining and developing business contacts and sales activities in general.

What personal data do we process for this reason? This concerns the following types of personal data:

  • Identification and contact personal data (name and surname, physical address, e-mail address,
    telephone numbers, etc.);
  • Personal characteristics in relation to our co-operation (gender, language, etc.);
  • Profile personal data in relation to our past, current and possible future co-operation (the history and course of business relations, including your input for the purposes of the provision of agency services, the subject of purchase, the subject of a request, etc.).

Personal data that provide information about Client’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or membership of unions, genetic personal data, biometric personal data and data about your medical condition, sex life or sexual orientation will never be processed for marketing and sales purposes.

How long do we process personal data for? For the purpose of contacting the Client with an offer or other sales communications, we process (store) personal data as long as the Client can be reasonably assumed to be interested in it, unless the Client have made earlier objections to such processing. For the purpose of personalisation of dealings, we process personal data for 10 years from the day of the last business contact with the Client.

Handover of personal data to third parties

We can hand personal data over to entities that perform personal data processing for us or that provide us with services a necessary part of which is the disclosure of personal data. This primarily concerns entities that provide us with information technology services (e.g. server hosting or webhosting), database services, accounting services, tax advice and legal services. Co-operation with such entitles is always of a narrowly operational character. Recipients do not process personal data independently, but solely in accordance with our instructions.

Client’s rights regarding the processing and protecting personal data

1) The Client has the right to obtain from us a confirmation of whether we process client´s personal data or not. If so, the Client has the right to access the personal data processed and to information about the details of processing and sources of personal data.

2) The Client has the right to ask for rectification, erasure and restriction of data processing.

3) The Client has the right, at any time, to object to the processing of the personal data for direct marketing purposes, where the personal data will no longer be processed for this purpose.

If the Client makes an objection to the processing of the personal data in other cases where we process the personal data based on our legitimate interests, we will first assess whether there are serious legitimate reasons on our part for continuance with processing that prevail over his/her interests or rights and freedoms, and we will inform the Client of whether we will comply with such objections or whether we cannot comply with them, and for what reasons.

The Client is entitled to exercise his/her rights in written form to our address or in electronic form sent to If the Client ask us to adopt a certain measure, we will provide him/her with information about the measures taken, without undue delay within one month of receiving a request.

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